We are a unique facility of over 1600 sqm where we combine CrossFit, Padel and gym together with a relaxed lounge. A real playground for everyone who likes exercise.

Welcome to take a tour with us below!

Exercise in our boutique gym or in our open CrossFit box together with us

If you want to work out in our gym, you can borrow a bracelet at the reception of your hotel. Do you want to book a CrossFit workout; contact us on +46 8-703 25 56 or info@wearlandastad.se and we will help you.

With a bracelet, you enter our facility every day from 05:00 to 24:00.


Play Padel with us

You book Padel times in MATCHi under WE Arlandastad. Either on the website or download the MATCHi app in the App Store eller Google Play.

You can of course rent racquets and if you like it you can buy it, as well as Padel balls.



Our CrossFit box consists of two rooms with over 500 sqm of training space. One is adapted for group training and the other for competition and your own CrossFit training (Open gym). Both rooms are fully equipped with the latest equipment from Kraftmark and most of the things you use for a great work-out.


In our gym section, you can choose between training in machines or with free weights. We have everything you could want for your strength training. All our cardio machines have built-in media. This means that you can watch some of our 10+ tv-channels, connect your headphones with bluetooth, watch YouTube and so on. All to make your training more fun and easier.


Our opening hours for Padel are every day: 05.00-24.00. In our paddle kiosk you can rent Padel racquets from our partner STIGA Padel and buy Padel balls. We also sell racks from STIGA. Read more at STIGA SPORTS.


Here, everyone is welcomed into the warmth and fellowship, enjoying a cup of coffee and exchanging a few words before or after the workout. With our exclusive coffee machine, you are offered a variety of coffee drinks such as espresso, cappuccino and latte. Of course, there is also tea.